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20 Facts About Me.

Get to know me a little better. Let me know a little about you too...
  1. My favorite color is PINK all shades, just lovely!
  2. I am a Libra! Indecision plagues my life because I always weigh the pros and cons of each situation
  3. Glitter makes me smile, so I tend to wear it on my nails a lot
  4. My hair is always, ALWAYS done before I go out in public
  5. I love to read, all genres except scary. I especially enjoy lady detectives
  6. I hate scary movies (starting to see the pattern lol)
  7. I’m a foodie, absolutely love pasta, sushi, and tacos
  8. I can’t stand to leave the house with wrinkled clothes
  9. I am an only child
  10. I can’t live without butter and cheese
  11. I am studying Biology and graduating in June with absolutely no idea what I’m going to do next (hince the Libra personality)
  12. I am a Christian. I don’t speak of my religion, I rather show people how to be a Christian than to peach it to them.  I’m not perfect but I try daily
  13. I hate to exercise and sweat. I prefer to get my exercise by walking the mall and lifting my bags =)
  14. I drink an average of 1-1.5 liters of water a day
  15. I prefer to be warm than cold
  16. I love the beach
  17. My family is my world and loyality is everything
  18. I love to travel and hope to visit every state in the United States. I have been to 20 states so far and am planning an East Coast trip soon
  19. I drink Starbucks daily sometimes twice a day. I am a proud gold card holder
  20. I love to smile until my cheeks hurt

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