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WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner

 I'm back lovelies. Two weeks of test and exams down and now I can have a sigh of freedom. I have so much to talk about, I don't even know where to start. Well lets start with WEN by Chaz Dean. As you remember, I received this product from my January GlamBag. Let me just stay that I LOVE this product. I am actually going to buy a full size bottle of this cleansing conditioner.

Let's start with what is WEN exactly. It is a conditioner that doubles as a shampoo; however, it does not have the lather and repeat cycle that we are all used to. Instead, you apply a generous amount of the cleansing conditioner to the hair and scalp and massage gently for a few seconds. Then let it sit on hair for approximately five minutes. (During this time, I actually tied my hair up and finished my shower). Finally rinse the product off your hair and your good to go. I received the Sweet Almond Mint version and I must admit I was a little worried about having a strong tingling sensation that most mint products produce but this one had none. Rather, the mint only added to the light and refeshing fragrance. I liked the fact that I didn't spend a ton of time washing my hair and then waiting for the conditioner, in fact I think I cut my total time down by at least 15 minutes. You know what that means MORE SLEEP!! =) When I got out of the shower, I literally ran the comb through my hair, with absolutely NO tangles. I kid you not. I have never ever washed my hair and had no tangles without a leave in to help. I also didnt have any waxy buildup and no adverse affects with the styling products. Another big plus, the Cleansing Conditioner is sulfate free.

As with all products this one does have its downfalls. First up is the cost, from Chaz Dean's website the Cleansing Conditioners retail for $32 for 16 oz. but it does come with a 60 day money back guarantee (I'm sure there are many stipulations on the return so be careful when ordering). Also, I'm not sure if this product is good for those who wash there hair less than once a week. When I used this product I started with straight hair. I first washed with my Johnson's Natural Baby Shampoo and styled as usual. However, in the next couple of days I used WEN to remove all the old product for fresh curls. (It was perfect for this job alone)

There is a dupe for this product at Sally's Beauty called One. I have not used this product and many people either love it or hate it when comparing it to WEN. I have no immediate plans to buy the Sally's version.

Online now at wenhaircare.com is a special that includes a 30 day supply of Cleansing Conditioner, Styling Creme, ReMoist Hair treatment, and two "bonus" items which are the Texture Balm and a Wide Tooth Comb. This seems like a pretty sweet deal for only $29.95 with free shipping. However, PLEASED BE WARNED that WEN will continue to charge your credit card every 90-days at $29.95 + 8. 99 shipping for a 90-Day supply. There is no minimum purchase and you can cancel at anytime, which seems perfect to me.

Have you tried WEN by Chaz Dean before?

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