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Cover Girl Lip Perfection Divine Lipstick

Let me be the first to admit that I was soooooo intimidated by this color. I had first seen it in a youtube video and immediately thought "purple lipstick? no way". And I kept that opinion for months until one Monday when I saw Chrissy Lampkin's (from Love and HipHop) makeup from her engagement episode.

photo courtesy of socialiteworld.com 
With a changed heart, I set out to find the perfect purple lip. After some investigation, I realized that the lip liner is what actually "made" this look. By a fluke, I was driving by my local Sears Essential (like K-Mart) and noticed they were going out of business and rushed in to see the sale. I picked up Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Divine (#330) and a darker purple/raisin liner by Jordana called Easyliner for Lips in the color Cabernet.

Both the liner and the lipstick apply in a smooth non-tugging manner. Divine does come off more pink on the lips but the liner gives the purple tint. Also this lipstick has MAJOR staining powers, so much so that when the lipstick wears off a simple lip balm can be added to provide a pink lip stain look. This can be a pro or a con depending on your personal style. I actually couldn't even remove the left over color with a vaseline and towel rub. However with all that, I think this lipstick is going into my favorites  category.
Dried Kinky Curly on my Hair
 Jordana's EasyLiners for Lips can be found at Kmart and Sears Essentials for $1.99 and CoverGirl Lip Perfection retails for $6.99 at most major drugstores.

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