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Nail Color of the Week- Valentine's Day Edition

So I figured since its Valentine's day, I might as well get inspired by the upcoming "holiday". Although I have a test and quiz that day (aka no social plans, since I'll most likely be sleep), I think a bright red manicure with hearts will definitely keep my spirits high.

I used Sinful Colors GoGo Girl (#852) which is a fire engine red [o yeah, i went there =)] and foil glitter hearts by Klean Colors in Twinkly Love (#38). Now the Klean Colors brand can be hard to find as its not in drugstores. I actually found this color in downtown LA but I have also seen this brand in small beauty supply houses. Therefore, you can use any heart nail design, I actually just used a toothpick to move and position the little love symbols. In my first design I only used three hearts, then I said why not go all out and covered the entire nail. Enjoy!

Just for kicks!
Sinful Colors are available at most drugstores for $1.99 and Walgreens has them on sale for $0.99 this week. 

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