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Curls Coconut Curlada Conditioner

I’ve been using the Curl’s Coconut Curlada all week as an in shower conditioner. This product is made with organic ingredients and doubles as a detangler. It has a very strong coconut and pineapple scent but refreshing nonetheless while in a warm shower.

Let’s get right to it, I was not impressed. This conditioner reminds me of a sample you would find at a hotel—great for a day or two but not anything you’d constantly use. Once it hit my hair, it felt like it disappeared. Almost like cheap lotion. Giving this conditioner the benefit of the doubt, I thought maybe after the shower my hair would feel moisturized and super soft. Umm….yeah, I’m still unimpressed. I even used it as a “mid-week rinse” as suggested on the bottle. It STILL did nothing for me. Save your money, this one’s a dud. I’m thinking of just using it as a shaving cream.

Curls Coconut Curlada can be found at www.curls.bit and select Targets and Rite-Aid at $9.99 for 8 floz

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