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Its Back-- Nail of the Week

I am finally back to my nail of the week post. It’s been a while, yes I know, but here’s a little update on what’s been on my hands. So I took a week to just be natural with only nail hardener and top coat. Then I tried the “do-it-yourself” gel manicure and let me say, that stuff is more than a notion. After two failed attempts with two different colors (that’s another post in itself), I’ve decided to take a break and go back to regular nail polish.

This week, I searched through my rather small collection and found Revlon’s Stary Pink. It was a limited edition fall color that has now been re-released under the name Popular (which I now believe is permanent). This color is a pale pink with small and hexagonal silver glitters. As with most medium to large size glitters it is very difficult to get the exact same amount of glitter on each finger. However, the small glitters keep the look uniform. I have noticed to get the same color pay off as the what's in the bottle, I need three coats of polish. In my opinion, that’s a lot of polish and creates thicker layers that chip a lot easier. To combat this minor issue, I decided to use a basic white polish as a base and then apply one layer of Stary Pink. I got the same look as if I would have used three coats.
I didn't worry about the streaks since I knew it was only a base

Wedding White by Confetti

Stary Pink (or Popular) by Revlon

I love this polish. It’s so unique. Revlon Popular is available at Target and most major drugstores for ~5.99. (I paid a little less than $4 during a sale promotion).

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