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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!! 

I am back! Ugghh finally. My week just seemed to be a series of unfortunate events. First, I realized that I've misplaced the charger to my camera and the battery is two clicks away from dead. *palm to face* Great! Then the internet in the house goes on a fritz. All this combined with crazy work hours and my desperate need for rest have created one crazy week. However on a lighter note, since I have been staying in Los Angeles I have been able to find some hair care products that I couldn't find near school. I have purchased a deep treatment purification mask from Shea Moisture, a curl definer and conditioner from Curls, and I finally found the EcoStyle gel that wasn't severely over priced. I've also purchased my own gel manicure kit, which I am excited to use and share pointers on.

As you can tell I have a nice list of reviews to write and I am excited to start posting regularly, but first I have to find camera charger. So enough blabbing and more searching.

Til then, lots n lots of love. 

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