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Johnson's Natural Baby Shampoo

Meet my new favorite shampoo… Johnson’s Natural Baby Shampoo.

I absolutely loved this hair product when I first started using it, but I wanted to continually use it before I gave it a thumbs up. I went to the doctor and was told my scalp was flaking due to an allergy  most likely to an ingredient in my shampoo, so I decided to go the natural route and look for a gentle shampoo without all the harsh chemicals. I figured a natural “baby” shampoo was the best way to go since most baby products are created for super soft and sensitive skin. At first, I was worried that a shampoo made for the mild scalps of babies wouldn’t efficiently clean away my “adult” dirt. Well, all my worries were put to shame after the first use with this product. I was thoroughly impressed with the cleanliness of my scalp and the softness of my hair.
Now here’s the skinny, this shampoo has a consistency that’s only slightly thicker than water. It feels like it might run out of your hand if you pour too much, so I prefer to add the shampoo directly to my hair to decrease the amount of product going down the drain. It also takes a minute to get a good lather going, so if you’re an immediate lather person this product would leave you unsatisfied. The fact that the shampoo is 98% natural with only one sulfate (Sodium CoCo Sulfate), seems to account for the small amount of lather. The Natural Baby Shampoo has a very light, clean fragrance. The Johnson Company has trademarked it as their “ALLERFREE” fragrance.  One small gripe I have with this product is its “No More Tears” claim. I found that this product stung when it came in contact with my eyes. Although it was less pain than normal shampoo, I believe it is too much for a baby and definitely does not live up to the “No More Tears” claim.

Here's my scalp after shampooing (I used my usual three rinse and repeat cycles). My hair only has a light mist of Motions Leave In to prepare for air drying. 

Notice the softness of my hair 

I have used Johnson’s Natural Baby Shampoo both with and without the coconut oil pre- treatment and it has performed well in both occasions My hair was not oily at all after using the coconut oil first. Super plus! Again I absolutely love this shampoo. It’s AMAZING =)

You can find Johnson's Natural Baby Shampoo at most drugstores. I found this product at Target for $4.79 for 10 fl. oz.  

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