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EcoStyler Moroccan Argan Oil (Picture Heavy)

I was really unhappy with only posting one review this weekend. I had to study for a physics quiz so blogging took a back seat = (. However, don’t fret my dears, I promised myself I would make time for at least one mid-week (or so) post 

I did it! I did it! I finally used the EcoStyler Gel. If you are unfamiliar with this gel it comes infused with different oils and varying degrees of hold. I bought the Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel which has maximum hold (number 10). I noticed most people use the Olive Oil EcoStyler, but the smell of olive oil makes me gag and I didn’t want hair that made me gag. Not a good look. Well anyway, it is a thick gel with a very light fragrance. The product claims to be made with 100% Argan oil and has UV protections (although the SPF amount is missing, slightly questionable). When looking at the ingredients, however, Argan oil is one of the last on the list (which means there isn’t much in the product). I do enjoy the fact that “LOVE AND PRIDE” are also on the ingredients list; it’s such a cute touch.

Since this is a gel with little to no moisturizing properties, I decided to prep my hair with my Motion’s Leave-In and a small amount of coconut oil to prevent over drying. I then added the gel in the same manner that I use for every other product. I focused on my roots and dragged the product through my hair with my fingers. At first, I felt like my curls were being straightened but they bounced back with no issues. As I was applying the gel, I could tell the ends would have lots of volume. Well you all know how I feel about volume, but I continued anyway. Here’s my hair about ten minutes after applying the gel:
Check out my shirt, I <3 My Hair! [most days] 

Yes I am wearing a tank shirt, because it was actually 80 degrees in So Cal today. Gotta love Cali winters =). Back to the hair, after a few hours my hair had LOTS of volume. However, my curls were really defined. I could see each curl in perfect little ringlets even the roots were impressively smoothed. I am really impressed by the definition; I can’t stop bragging about it! I also had no crunchy sections and no frizzies. There was a bit of shrinkage though.

Definite Shrinkage 

Close up of the definition

 Since I feel like massive hair overpowers my face, I used my trusty clip to create a half up-do.

Looks better but not perfect

****Please note that my ends of my hair are a little ratchet because I need my twice a year trim. But no worries my spit ends will be handled soon, yayy. 

I have decided that if I continue to use this product (which I’m sure I will), I would apply the product and let my hair dry. I would then style in a half up-do or a messy ponytail/bun. I definitely had a lot of confidence in my hair after styling; I didn’t worry about shrinkage or out of place strands. I even slept on the curls and still had great hair. Best of all this product is very inexpensive. I found an 8 fl. oz. container for $1.39 at my local beauty supply, compared to $17 for the same size of Kinky Curly. I have seen this product for $3.29 at Walgreens. Yes it is double the price I paid for it, but I also found mine in a small non-franchised supply house. However the availability at major chains ensures that even people in the suburbs can have defined curls =).  If you like big, full curls I highly recommend you try this product.

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