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Nail Color of the Week- Neon Aqua

This weeks nail color was inspired by Beyonce. Since the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy, she's been spotted wearing this beautiful blue color on her nails. I've always thought blue nails were trashy and ghetto looking, especially on my skin tone. Ha! Leave it to Beyonce to turn my fashion thoughts upside down. I've been on the hunt for a perfect blue so here's my first attempt at finding one that works for me.

Neon Aqua is by Klean Colors (that beauty supply brand I told you about) and is a bright blue cream polish. It applies a little thick but I didn't need to reach for a polish thinner. It is a very opaque non-streaking color. And just because I am who I am, I added a little sparkle to this manicure. Also by Klean Colors, Sparkle Emerald has very small gold and green glitters/sparkles in an ocean blue jelly. After playing around, I realized I like the glitter without a base. I used three coats of Sparkle Emerald and two coats of Sally Hansen Mega Shine topcoat to finish off with smooth nails.

I took these picture from my iPhone, I think they are a little clearer, yes?

I'm really excited to show this manicure off to see people's reactions. It is totally different from my usual pink/red/nudes but its definitely growing on me. I'm tempted to put a white crackle over it. What do you think, is this color too much?

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