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Because I'm still alive.

Hi My Loves,

I am sorry I've been missing but I am ending my quarter so final projects, lab reports, quizzes and test have taken over my life. I took graduation pictures last week =), I'm one step closer to the finish line. I haven't even purchased anything in the past few weeks =0 I know shocker right.

Well I received my WEN package in the mail a few days ago and I'm excited to use the texture and styling cream that came with the package. Also I love the comb! To be honest, I it was one of the main reasons I bought the set. I like that its heavy and not flimsy and I'm dying to use it on my curly hair. I am eyeing the Tresemme Flawless Curls collection, so I might pick it up while there's a sale at CVS (2/$7) or at Walgreens (4/$15 with $5 rewards back).

My nails are back to french tipped gel manicure due to the graduation pictures. However less than a week, I already had chipping on two nails. I'm going to try to leave them alone but I have this urge to grab the foil and the acetone.

I'm composing a list of products that I wish I'd never bought, so look for that post soon. Have a great week loves and wish me luck in my crazy life. I'm on instagram now too @ciemarquise

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