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Freeman's Facial Hydration Mask--Goji Berry

In my February glam bag from MyGlam, I received the Freeman's Facial Hydration Mask in Goji Berry. Instead of just taking pictures of what I received in that months bag, I've decided to review the products that were interesting to me. To be honest, the February bag came wayyyy to late for my liking and I really was not impressed by its contents. So just for curiosity sake, I decided to try the Hydration Mask.

The mask claims to hydrate and smooth skin, as well as improve skin tone. It is a very thick jelly that dried semi stiff within 7 minutes. I washed my face with a warm towel first and  then left the mask on for exactly 10 minutes before I washed it off. It did take a little work to get the mask off but I wasn't left with any residue on my face. The smell was nice but very forgettable; it wasn't over powering especially since its so close to your nose for 10 minutes. I did notice a little tingling near the creases of my nose. After rinsing, my skin felt no different, it wasn't smoother and if anything it was drier. I applied my usual amount of Clinique Dramatically Different Gel and in about 10 minutes I needed another application.

In my opinion, this mask was drying and did nothing to benefit the condition of my skin. I would not recommend this for people with oily/combination skin. As you know, if you dry your skin out then your oil glands will over produce and leave you oilier than you started. I am unaware of how this product works on other skin types, but I wont be repurchasing it.

This small package contains enough for about two mask and can be found in some drugstores, the larger 6oz bottle can also be found in drug stores for $3.99.

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