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Nail Color of the Week- Tutu, Pink Forever, Sparkled

I must admit that I did this manicure earlier than I expected. The french gel manicure went to hell in a hand basket so fast, it was scary. The entire white tip on my left index finger peeled off and other tips began to turn yellow. ABSOLUTELY NOT HAVING IT! So decided to remove the gel and restore my "well" manicured look. I know it seems odd, but when my nails are out of wack I feel a bit uneasy. Its one of the few things in my life that I can control, so why not look put together at all times.

Sinful Colors has a new collection out called the Heartbreaker Collection. I saw TuTu, their pale pink, and immediately knew I had to have it. I thought it was a cream pink but after using it I realized its more of a jelly and has light (very light) white shimmer. The shimmer is definitely not to be confused as silver and is sooo subtle that I only see it in very bright light. Its like a little twinkle during the say to give you a little smile. My one gripe about this color is the formula. It is very thin and took 3 coats to achieve this opaque look. Also because it is a jelly, I realized that I had to apply one thin coat and let it dry before applying another. The first time I used this color I used thicker coats and the polish puddled (yes literally puddled with ripples) along my cuticles. It is an amazing color but requires a lot of work to get things right. As an accent color, I used Sinful Color Pink Forever. It is a bright, Barbie pink that is a stark contrast to the softness of Tutu. I believe Pink Forever is apart of their permanent collection. And just because I love glitter, I added a pink glitter by Wet n Wild Wild Shine called Sparkled. It has super tiny fucshia glitters and small (larger than the fuschia but small in comparison to other glitters) silver glitters.

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