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At Home Hair Washing

As mentioned before, I tend to go to a salon to get my hair washed and straightened. It just takes so much to do my own hair; I swear washing alone takes half an hour. Ok maybe that was an exaggeration but really by the time I’m done I just want to sit down and chill out. But because that would be too easy, I still have to detangle and style for the day. 

Here's my hair before washing:

I have added pure organic coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment. I find it loosens any dirt and conditions my scalp. I usually leave the coconut oil in my hair for at least 15 minutes and sometimes overnight since I hate going to sleep with wet hair. 
I washed my hair with Johnsons Natural Baby Shampoo. Yes baby shampoo. I will do a future post with my full review but so far I am enjoying this cleanser. I also condition with Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm and finish off with Motions Nourish Leave-in Conditioner.
Here's my wet hair with only the Motions Leave In:

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