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L'Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Lip Color

This product has been on the market for a while now; I just had no pressing desire to buy it. However CVS is having their semi-annual beauty sale and the lip colors were 50% off, so I decided to pick up a couple. I bought Beyonce’s Red (a bright creamy red that dried matte) and Diane Kruger’s Beige (a mocha brown with pink undertones). The red is a little bold for my taste but the beige is a perfect nude lip for my skintone. Infallible Never Fail Lipcolor is packaged in a small (~2.75 inch long) plastic silver mirror case with two tubes that contain a lip color and a moisturizing lip balm. The tubes cannot be removed from the mirror container; rather they pop up and click into place when in use.

L’Oreal recommends applying a thin layer of lip color and allowing it to try for two minutes before adding the lip balm. I enjoyed the softness and smell of the lip balm. I liked the sponge wand of the lip color, as it allowed for precision application.
The pointed tip was perfect for application 

Unfortunately, this is where my fascination with this lip product ends. The lip color dries very sticky. In fact when pursed together, my lips got stuck  (like super glue stuck) and required me to slowly pry them apart. It was painful and definitely not my most favorite lipstick moment. The color sinks into the small cracks and crevices of my lips which I believe may be avoided with the use of a primer. However, I don’t need a primer with other lipsticks and glosses and I don’t feel this product is worth me going out to buy one. During the drying phase, it felt like the color was shrink wrapping on my lips, again not the most pleasurable experience. L’Oreal claims 16-hour wear without flaking. The first hour was great. There was no smudging or fading even while drinking Starbucks. Nevertheless, I found that I needed to reapply the balm about every 90 minutes to prevent excessive peeling, but even with the balm I could still feel the lip color creating small balls on my lip edges. I noticed the color faded from the inside of my lips while the outside held its color, creating an unattractive gradient. Since the color is only removable with oil (oil based makeup remover, body oil, etc), to correct the gradient one would need to remove all the lip color or difficultly attempt to reapply to the inner portions of the lips. Also how annoying to need oil to remove lip color, no one wants to add an additional step to makeup removal at the end of the night?
Color swatches: 

Just the Lip Color
With the Balm Top layer 

Bottom line: I HATED it and I’m glad I purchased them at half price. I loved the packaging but hated the formula. It really defeated the purpose of preventing reapplication when you still needed to use the lip balm and half of the lip color would be removed anyways. I really, really wanted to enjoy Diane’s Beige too. What did you think of this product?

This product retails for $11.99 at most drugstores. 

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