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Attempt at Twist and Curl

Ok so this was a trial hair style that was either going to be a great success or an epic fail. I wanted curls that were looser than my natural hair, almost like waves. Well I didn’t get the loose curls I wanted but I am pleased with this outcome. I think that after some time the curls will fall and loose waves will appear.

I washed all of the old product out of my hair with Johnsons Natural Baby Shampoo and towel dried my hair. I used Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk as a leave in conditioner (I added it in dollop form). I then took small sections of hair and twisted it tightly from root to tip. I added extra “milk” to each section just to keep the twisty from unraveling. It took me a while (what’s new?) but when I finished it looked like this:

If Rick James and Shirley Temple had a child I think she would have hair like this lol. Some people can rock the twist look well, I'm not one of those people. My boyfriend never makes negative comments about my hair and he said "why did you do that 0_o", yeah that's how I felt too. But I knew there was an end to my mean, so I ignored him. 

I let my hair air dry COMPLETELY and as you can tell some twist unraveled but that’s ok. Things happen, right? I did realize the bigger sections seemed to unravel easier than the smaller ones.

I split each twist in half and then wrapped each section around a 1 inch curling iron. I did not use the clamp since I wanted a loose curl. I set the curling iron to a medium temperature to minimize the damage. The curls didn’t fall loosely like they normally would’ve if my hair was straight. Not sure what happened but hey, it works.

After finishing, I realized I used too much “milk” and it left my hair a little oily. While my hair was still in the twist, it was soft and did not have the greasy feeling. So if you choose to just stay with the twist, use all the leave in you want. 

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