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Mixed Chicks- Second Day Curls

I was so impressed with this last rendezvous with Mixed Chicks that I decided to keep it going and attempted to get second day curls. Well, I didn’t get the exact same style (due to my lazy before bed routine) but I did get pretty impressive results. I decided to go with a half up- half down style. First, I sprayed the front of my hair with water (just to moisten, not enough to drench) and used some Mixed Chicks to smooth out any fly always. Next, I finger parted the back with slightly more hair going into the hair tie and then went over all the frizzy sections with a light water mist and a small amount of Mixed Chicks to give definition to the curls I had smashed in my sleep the night before. I know a lot of people prefer that their second day curls require no maintenance, but that’s not the case in my life. Extra product is ALWAYS necessary, however the amount of cream/gel that I use determines if the style was a success. 

My hair got ruined at work, so I have no idea what it would have looked like at the end of the day if it was untouched. However, I can say it stayed nice for about 2 hours. =) 

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