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Styling Just a General Overview!

So it occurred to me that maybe I should give a little bit more detail about how exactly I place the product in my hair. I split my hair down the middle and apply a quarter sized amount of leave in conditioner. I go in-between this section, not just on the outer layers, to ensure the product is dispersed to all strands. As previously stated, I split my hair into one inch sections, but I understand that’s a little vague. I split my hair from one side to the other left to right. The one inch thickness refers to my my roots, as they are a lot thicker (i.e. fluffier) than the ends. There’s that ethnicity again =). Anyway, I apply three fingertips worth of products from the roots to tip and scrunch the ends. I usually use a spray bottle filled with water to dilute if I put too much product in my hair. I focus more product about half an inch from my roots and drag the extra down. I estimate that I use less than 1 tablespoon worth of styling products for fresh curls. I apply a tad bit more product in the middle of my head than other sections since it tends to plump (that’s a nice way of putting it) if not tamed well with product.  I try to avoid the crunchy feel, but it doesn't drive me bonkers to have some stiff curls. I try to get my hair as sleek as possible while wet because it typically dries with plenty of volume. So I love my hair’s natural volume but I like to tame it. I hate products that add extra body to my hair.
Leave In Conditioner, one dollop per side
~1 inch section of roots, notice the thin ends though

3 fingertips of product that I rub in my hands then put in my hair

Also I am not a big fan of second day curls. I don’t prep my hair well at night to benefit from second day curls; usually just sleep with a loose ponytail. However, I also don’t prep my straight hair, I just go to sleep. Laziness, yeah I know but hey, it works for me *Kanye shrug*. That being said I typically won’t comment on second day curls unless I’m thoroughly impressed and found a way to work it. I do often sprits my hair with water (until it’s wet but not soaked) and reapply the leave in conditioner of choice. I restyle any unruly curls with light touches of the styling gel. If this doesn’t work, I usually put my hair in a pony tail or neat bun. For a messy bun, I don’t wet my hair as much and usually just use this style when I have no umph and it’s a jeans and sweatshirt type of day but still decent enough to leave the house.

Lastly, I do NOT believe in co-washing. *big gasp* For those of you who don’t know, co- washing is using a conditioner to “wash” your hair between regular shampoo washes. I really don’t see a point in this process but to each their own. I talked to my stylist and we’ve agreed that you wouldn’t wash your body with lotion, so why would you wash your hair with conditioner. People say that the conditioner isn’t as drying, but I feel like they are just using the wrong shampoos. And water is the drying agent more than anything- want proof? Put your hand in warm water without soap for 15 minutes then let it air dry, I guarantee you will reach for a body lotion or butter if you do this daily. Again that’s just my spiel.

I don’t have a perm, never had a perm, and therefore I am not transitioning. I understand that transitioning hair requires a lot more love and care, so please modify my styling processes to benefit your hair and leave me tips on more constructive styling. 

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