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Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback Treatment and Curly Pudding

After doing the Twist and Curl and applying the heat, I decided it was best to use the Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback Treatment. The treatment is meant to be a decadent softening treatment which ensures that your curls reach long luxurious length. This rich treatment full of Shea butter and centella extract is a growth stimulant that promotes long healthy curls.”  The Sweetback treatment was a thick balm with a banana scent. The packaging recommends adding heat to get the most out of the product. With this in mind, I washed my hair and towel dried until I had damp curls. I then sectioned my hair (larger than usual) and added the balm and detangled my hair. I rolled it in a bun and clipped it at the top of my head. I wrapped my hair in plastic wrap (not a cap). This prevents the natural body heat from my head from escaping. With all my hair covered in the wrap, I then warmed a wet towel in the microwave (the highest temperature I could stand) placed the towel over the plastic creating a steam effect. I covered the towel with a plastic cap to prevent water dripping and I left the treatment on my hair for ~30 minutes. Afterward, I rinsed the treatment and was pleasantly surprised by the soft and smoothness of my hair.

I had such high hopes for the Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. On the website it is marketed for maximum definition of the curls. I applied like always in one inch sections. The product has a lasting fruit like scent. It definitely stays on your hands after touching your dried hair and you do get a nice whiff of it when moving your head. I’m not sure how it would interact with perfumes, but alone it was nice.  When I first applied this product I was happy. Here’s my freshly styled hair:

It seemed to be doing its job in reducing my curls frizz. So I left the house, BIG MISTAKE. My hair air dried into this:

Notice the frizzy, undefined ends

I have no words for what this is. It’s a big, fluffy mess. My ends look like pieces of cotton. I guess as a benefit my hair didn't have lots of shrinkage. 

So I found a small clip (poor clip) and attempted to make it better with a half up half down style:

 Now, I live in Southern California so it really isn’t a lot of humidity here, so this is just unexplainable. If I had been somewhere that I couldn’t fix my hair I would have been livid. This is NOT for me, so hurt that this didn’t work for me. It even dried out my hair a bit ruining the results from the Super Sweetback Treatment. After this I have no desire to even use the Baby Butter Creme for reviving second day curls. Because if this is the first day, I cant imagine second day hair.  **Stomps off and pouts**

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