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A Small Introduction

Hiiiiii =)

My name is Cie Marquise (mar-key) and I am a Black girl trying find beauty and hair products that work for me. I have 3b hair and often find that most bloggers with this hair type are biracial. I am NOT biracial and therefore some products that work for them (i.e. ones with water) make my hair go **POOF**. Not what I call a good look. I know I can't be the only one with this issue so I decided to blog about my hair experiences. I intend to try out new curling products and also compare them to the ones I already have. I must admit I wear my hair professionally straightened most of the time, but a girl always needs a back up when salon appointments are out of reach. I also want to discuss skin care products and other pressing issues that occur in the life of a twenty-something's life. 

Please comment and email me and help me make this blog a great one. WELCOME TO ALL ABOUT CIE MARQUISE

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