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Mixed Chick's Leave-In Conditioner

Mixed Chick’s Leave-In Conditioner doubles as a styling product as well. It’s marketed as a “curl defining formula designed for ‘us’”. Well, I’m not a part of that ‘us’ group, but I decided to give this product a try. Mixed Chick’s Leave-In Conditioner is a creamy yellow conditioner that is alcohol free. It doesn’t have the most appealing scent, yet after applying to my hair I noticed it completely disappeared.

As you can tell I’ve had this bottle for a while as I’m almost done with it. This was the first curly hair styling product that I’d ever bought and to be honest I was consistently underwhelmed—that was until I did this review. This is proof that technique and application is everything. I’m glad I have this blog that lead me to revisit this product.

I’ve always been impressed with the moisturizing components of this product. It truly is a great leave-in conditioner. It doesn’t weigh my hair down and leaves it pillow soft. However, these same qualities that enjoy usually lead to fluffy curly and big hair. Before when I used this product my hair resembled a birds nest made out of cotton (just a soft, undefined mess). Well, this time I used my small section method and literally saturated the hair with product, but I did not use SO much product that my neck and shoulders were sticky.
Here's my wet hair:

My hair initially dried with some hard/crunchy sections, yet about an hour after drying all my hair was soft with easy movement.My hair was left with volume (more than I would prefer but not enough to make me hate this product). I would recommend Mixed Chick’s Leave-In Conditioner as a product used on uneventful days (i.e regular work days). It gives enough definition for daily use and great moisturizing qualities that will keep hair soft and managable. I would have liked less volume, so when I go out I would probably use a product that has a better volume taming qualities. 

Here's my hair at the end of the day: 

Mixed Chick's Leave-In Conditioner is available at most beauty supplies. I paid $20 for 10oz of product but at mixedchicks.net its only $16.99

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